All I know and lots that I don't about my 1965 Ford F100!!



Can you believe I started this project and didn't take any pictures for "before" and "after" shots?  The original plan  was to "just" give the old truck a coat of paint.  The next picture with my kids and the truck with a Christmas tree was taken in December of 2002.  The truck, a bone stock, base model F100 was purchased in 1965 by my father.  It remains titled in his name, though I have taken over its care in the last few years.  He bought it when I was 6 months old, and it was the vehicle I learned to drive in.

It sat in a shed from about 1988 till mid 2002.  Needed some head work (hard seats, valves) to get the old 240 inline six going, but aside from that, it ran well.  Looked a little ragged.

My daughters with truck before restore.


Cecile helping with seatbelts.


In June of 2003 I took it in for "a coat of paint".  That lead to decisions to replace the outer fenders.  Then the core support.  Then the inner fenders.  And then we decided to pull the cab and repair all the rust under the cab, in the cab supports and rear cab corners.  That all ultimately meant a frame up restore.  Not what I originally intended, but OK.

That's Dad in the pic, along with me!  Its been a wonderful experience to have him help and give advice along the way.  He knows a great deal about the old truck, though I have had to learn much more.


6/18/2004 -- Look at that!!  Just a couple of details and we will be done!!!!


I will add to this, time permitting.  Just a start at this point.



Rim Pictures -- Innie versus Outie